Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don't know what to do...

People please help me, i really don't know witch handlebars to use!!!


  1. Like I said before, those tiny ass lane splitter bars are not going to work for you! Don't know if the Half Apes are your thing but they will be more comfortable. Knowing you you are going for bars that won't work but will be style for miles.

  2. hee Nito, waarom probeer je niet het stuurtje wat je op de Ironhead had gezet? ik zag dat de nieuwe eigenaar een ander stuurtje erop heeft gezet en misschien wilt hij wel het stuurtje terug verkopen voor weinig...?

  3. With that small rear tire use the apehanger..
    The dragbar needs a drag tire..
    just an opinion..
    sometimes things you would not expect make your head turn...
    so my advise if you are in doubt...dont chose just build 2 bikes..ha,ha...or 10..or build one and keep changing like myself...happy building!!

  4. He Nitro , maybe i can help you

  5. Hai Nito these are very nice I think

  6. Show us the rest of the bike first. Find it difficult to pick any bars until the rest is visible